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The Most Powerful Pep Talk Of All

Hello Beauty,

I see you. I see you frustrated with how things are. Sit down and let’s have a conversation. I am the Goddess of Love and my favorite thing to do is wave my wand and share my wisdom of how to love yourself unapologetically. You are more than anything you could write on a list or view in a mirror. You are more than a number on a scale or the kind of car you drive or the amount of dollars in your bank account. You are more than the degrees you have or don’t have.

You are…

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What Crazy Kelly Taught Me

We had just arrived at the campsite. Natalie and I were trying to figure out where to set up our tent. We didn’t want to be in the center of all the action because we knew there would be loud music into the wee hours of the morning. Yet, we didn’t want to be too far away. Luckily there were options.

This was our first burn experience. We were going to spend the next three days at this festival that was a smaller version of burning man. What was really awesome about this is that even though it was our…

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“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” -Albert Einstein

Creativity Looks Different For Everyone

“But I’m not creative.” I hear this a lot from women who take my courses or work with me in my coaching practice. And when I do, I call bullshit. We are all creative. Even you if you are reading this and shaking your head no I call bullshit. We create in different ways. While you may not be a painter, or a dancer, or a music producer, you are creative.

Some of us have developed a relationship more intimately with our creativity than others…

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The Magic of Hawaii

I spent 4 years living on the Big Island of Hawaii over fifteen years ago. These 4 years changed the trajectory of my life forever for the better. For several months prior to moving to the Big Island I used to drink my coffee every morning and stare at pictures of Hawaii online. I didn’t really know at the time why I was doing this but it was revealed to me later.

I had been to Oahu several times but as I would stare at these pictures and read about what each island is known for and has to offer…

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Looking Back Thru Time

If we could take a trip into the past to meet my twenty-something year old self, you would see that I lived most of my life from the energy of self-hatred or self-loathing. I think this is important for me to share this because many of my readers and followers see me today and realize that I talk and teach about self-love and they don’t know the backstory of what I had to overcome.

Oh The Things I’ve Felt

I know first hand what unworthiness feels like. I know what it’s like to feel like you suck at something that everyone else seems to be…

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Its Halftime

We are halfway through the month. This is a time where I reflect on the goals that I set at the beginning. Where do I need to lean in more? What hasn’t worked? What needs more support? How can I finish strong? I ask myself these questions but I also reflect back to my clients through asking these powerful questions.

Finish Strong

We have the opportunity to decide to finish strong at any time. I learned that valuable lesson when I was a figure skater growing up. My coach always said that if I bombed the first half of the routine but…

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“I never found a companion that was so companionable as solitude.” -Henry David Thoreau

Be Yours

It’s Valentine’s morning and I’m single. I’m also a life coach that primarily coaches my clients on how to love themselves. So what better day to write an article on this topic. First and foremost, I believe that no matter what your gender is, no matter what your relationship status is, that you should lavish the hell out of yourself every day of the year. And I believe that most of society does not do this enough.

Receive Yourself

We have been taught that it’s admirable to give…

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It was during my twenties that I recall being at my emotional rock bottom. My life was not working. Life was a never ending cycle of dating addict after addict. I was a hollow shell, and miserable. I spent most nights crying, hurting, and in unbearable pain. However, I did not understand why my life seemed so challenging.

At the time, I was a personal trainer, ate healthy foods, and was in excellent shape physically. Wasn’t I doing the right thing? But why was I so empty emotionally. My soul was lost. I wasn’t fulfilled. It felt as though I…

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You’ve probably heard that statement often throughout your life. I know that I have. And I had a complete shift in my energy around it recently and how I was coaching women that I work with. For me, I have two focus areas for goals in the month of February:Health and Finances. I’m upping my fitness game and tightening up my intermittent fasting/cleansing regimen. I’m also really intentionally visioning, tripling my income. I’m using my own practices from my Sensual Visioning workshops I teach my clients and applying them to my own goals for this. …

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Are you truly happy? What is a veracious definition of happiness?

We live in a world where the majority of people aren’t happy with the work they are doing. Many times we believe we are headed in the right direction only to realize it simply does not feel right. As we mature and evolve, what once interested us is no longer fulfilling.

Throughout our lives, many experiences turn our world upside down. These events that fling us to unknown places may sometimes be very important affairs that become hidden assets. Unfortunately, we do not realize that we are a unique…

Jennifer Lancaster

Bartender to Soulpreneur Intuitive life coach, certified Angel card reader, traveler, foodie, house music lover, artist, lover of life. IG- @jenergy17

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