Black Friday: The Biggest Third Dimensional Trap ever sold to you.

Jennifer Lancaster
9 min readNov 23, 2021
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The Shadow Side of Black Friday

I’ve always hated Black Friday for as long as I can remember. Maybe because I previously worked in the restaurant business and I can relate to the people who work in retail being on their feet all day, not being able to eat, dealing with rude customers abusing them. Maybe it’s the companies using so much FOMO in their advertising it physically makes me sick.

Whatever it is, I have never been a Black Friday fan. So I was interested to find out that Black Friday has extremely dark roots. I recently went digging to learn more about Black Friday, and I discovered an article in the Huffington Post which explains where it comes from (and I’ll link to the article at the end of this post). One quote which I loved from the article highlights the darkness of Black Friday.

​​”Black Friday” is the name which the Philadelphia Police Department has given to the Friday following Thanksgiving Day. It is not a term of endearment to them. “Black Friday” officially opens the Christmas shopping season in center city, and it usually brings massive traffic jams and over-crowded sidewalks as the downtown stores are mobbed from opening to closing.” by Casey Bond

This article is going to trigger some of you. Others of you will not relate at all. The ones that this is written for are my seekers of answers and truth. My deep adventurers into the dark side of things society sells us as joy and those that have always hated this shopping weekend too without actually putting their finger on the deeper why of it. And hopefully maybe even some of you that participate every year and then go into deep remorse when your credit card bills come. Maybe I will open your eyes to what is really happening and inspire an action step of change.

What is 3rd Dimensional living?

I recently had an aha moment in meditation about this coming weekend. Black Friday to me is the most 3rd dimensional weekend of the year. Some of you are nodding your heads right now reading that. Others are going WTF? What the hell is she talking about? 3rd dimensional?

I coach people on moving out of the 3D paradigm and into the 5d paradigm of living…



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