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Sensual Visualization: Go Beyond Sight to Envision Your Dreams

Jennifer Lancaster


Like many of us, I experienced and witnessed many instances where visualization was an essential practice. And throughout life, it became apparent how important this custom truly is.

Close Your Eyes and Focus My Child

I spent sixteen years as a competitive figure skater. Visualization played a key role in training. I spent hours with my eyes closed, focusing on my performance and landing perfect jumps. It was integral to my mindset training and certainly contributed to my successful career. According to Forbes Magazine:

* Almost two-thirds of small business owners believe that visualizing goals helps them map and develop their business plans.

* One in five small business owners used a vision board or other visual representation when starting their business; 76% of those business owners said that today their business is where they envisioned it would be when they started it.

* Eighty-two percent of small business owners that used a vision board from the get-go reported that they have accomplished more than half the goals they included on that board.

See The Shot in Your Mind

Many years later when I was living in Hawaii the importance of visualization resurfaced in another aspect. At the time I was a Pilates instructor with a golf-specific certification. Therefore, to better understand the mechanics of the body concerning golf, and better serve my clients, I took golf lessons. The golf pro, my instructor, was adamant and insisted we establish a “pre-shot” routine. All of the best pro golfers have one. We spent many hours honing this practice until it became second nature. It dramatically improved my game.

Months later, during a tournament, I was conducting Pilates education at one of the holes. As the golfers came through I observed how few of them practiced a “pre-shot” routine. I observed that only about 10 percent of the golfers utilized this tool. Furthermore, those same golfers hit the ball straight, steady, and strong down the fairway, every time they teed off! I couldn’t believe that only 10 percent had a routine, and consequently, those 10 percent achieved success 100 percent of the time.



Jennifer Lancaster

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