Jennifer Lancaster
5 min readApr 11, 2020


The Deeper Depths of Reflection

What this pandemic is brining up for so many.

I see you in your room. You’ve been there for a month now and so much has happened. I know you need to create income. At first, that was the most pressing thing that caused you to go into panic thirty days ago. Here, you find yourself discovering things that you didn’t know you would be uncovering.

First, you learned that everyone is in the same boat and you aren’t alone. That brought a bit of relief as the days started to go by. Second, you learned that you are much better at making money stretch than you realized you were. Congratulations. Now, you find yourself reflecting at how you have been living. You’re getting clarity on what is important to you, your values, what you want to do differently when this is over, and what you no longer want to be doing.

I believe many of us are feeling these same things. At first we panicked, now many of us are pivoting, or at least in this space of knowing that we want to pivot. We have had time with ourselves, and time with our families. We have learned new skills. We have taken the time to slow down a bit.

Some of you are realizing that the job that you were working, was killing your soul. You knew deep down it was taking a slow toll on you. You ignored it, and kept creating excuses like a person does when he or she is in an abusive relationship. Some of those excuses might sound like this,

It’s not that bad.

I only have to stay until I can cash out on my pension.

I’ll just have fun on the weekends.

Its bad, but the pay is good.

Most people hate their jobs.

I can get through this.

The job you were working before you were laid off brings out the worst in you. When you are there, it brings out a mask of an identity that you have created just to survive being there. This mask is not really who you are. Slowly, in the last month, despite not have the money that you really need, or deserve, you’ve been more yourself than you’ve ever been. This is because you aren’t showing up everyday to report to your slow death of a job.

Many people who I work with are looking to create income online to support them financially right now. When I…



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